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Dear River Song-fandom: THANK YOU

So I owe a lot of thank you’s (this is gonna be a long post but if you want some recommendations for some incredible River blogs, read on!):

I don’t know if you noticed, but yesterday I kind of hit a slump and no gifs were made. Basically, the Matt Smith announcement REALLY put a downer on everything. And I couldn’t make any freaking gifs because everything was so. damn. sad. (And you should know that means something, because 90% of the gifs I make are desperately sad.)

Anyways, I’m better now, much better, and happily working away again (I even made a HAPPY gif this morning), all thanks to some really wonderful people (and all of YOU AMAZING WHOVIANS who filled my dash with hopeful, uplifting messages). 

As a quick note, some of the following people I will be mentioning don’t really know me…But honestly guys, they’re wonderful. And you should really get on that if you’re not following them already.

Hannah’s Steps to Getting Over BBC’s Shitty Announcement

1. Read fic and anons. areyoumarriedriver - Holy crap guys. If you’re not following Charina, you need to do this IMMEDIATELY. Not only does she post great river/doctor/mattex fic recs, but if you have ANY worries regarding some big DW announcement/episode, you can seriously just go on her page and there’s a 99.9% chance that some anon has already asked her this and she’ll have answered it in some wonderful, calming, lovely way. Also, I love her because she’s really funny pre-coffee and just a great person.

2. Read more fic. clare009 - I have never had a conversation with Clare, but oh my gosh CAN SHE WRITE FIC. REALLY GREAT MATTEX FIC AND I AM OBSESSED AND ALL THE BAD FEELS WENT AWAY. This woman is just full of lovely and follow her.

3. Have hopeful River/Doctor/Kingston discussions. tillthenexttimedoctor - SHE POSTS GREAT METAS AND ALL THINGS IN GENERAL. Also, you can literally just send her an ask about anything regarding an episode or Moffatt’s thought process or gorram ANYTHING and she will have some brilliant well-thought out response. 

4. Talk to someone who understands and is hilarious and will make you feel better about all things, not just shitty BBC things, but life. riveralwaysknew - When I say I am obsessed with Perls, I am not joking. This girl is seriously perfect I love her to death. You might already know her for her lovely captions or her beautiful art, or just the fact that osdlfkjsldkfjlskdjfsdkl UGH GUYS. PERLS IS THE BEST. PLEASE FOLLOW HER IF YOU AREN’T ALREADY.

And HOLY CRAP if you’re still reading this, here’s a pretty picture that I took today in the Eastern side of the world. 


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